‚ÄčThe objectives of the water management system are:

  • preventing the contamination of clean water by mining and related activities;
  • reducing the discharge of pollutants including sediment, salt and oil and grease from the mine to the environment;
  • minimising adverse effects on local watercourses in terms of both the water flow rate and the water quality;
  • managing approved water discharges in accordance with Environment Protection Licence conditions and the requirements of the Hunter River Salinity Trading Scheme (HRSTS) ;
  • controlling the diversion of clean water away from mining activities to reduce the volume of mine impacted water handled within the respective mine water management system;
  • segregating mine water from clean water to minimise the volume of water that requires recycling and treatment, and consequently minimising the volume of water discharged to the river system; and
  • managing the inventory of water on-site in order to meet the requirements of the mining operation;
  • measure and monitor water usage and aim to reduce the reliance on fresh water.