‚ÄčThe existing waste management contractor provides a Total Waste Management System across the site including detailed waste tracking, monitoring, measurement and recycling. Ravensworth Operations categorises waste materials into designated waste streams and ensures that each stream is treated accordingly. Ravensworth Operations strives to:

  • ensure compliance with its Environmental Protection Licence and related legislation regarding waste storage and disposal;
  • minimise waste generation, encourage and facilitate re-use and recycling of waste streams where possible;
  • ensure appropriate segregation, storage, transportation and disposal of waste generated on site;
  • ensure proper hydrocarbon management, wastewater and sewage treatment; and
  • provide education and training programs to site personnel and contractors regarding waste mitigation measures and proper waste handling and disposal.

Ravensworth Operations have a comprehensive recycling system. Since 2001, Ravensworth Operations have increased waste recycling targets and currently recycle 87.7% of total waste onsite.