‚ÄčRavensworth Operations addresses the potential biodiversity risks of incomplete or inadequate rehabilitation through implementing the management strategies outlined in the Rehabilitation Management Plan summarised as:

  • Topsoil reuse
  • Revegetation focusing on reinstating endemic woodland ecological communities utilising over 20 different flora species providing a range of canopy to understorey species;
  • Preferentially using local providence seed collected onsite in revegetation planting or seed mixes for sowing; and
  • Undertaking riparian restoration along major water courses and along the mine boundaries to provide connectivity of vegetation areas and the potential for movement by fauna along these corridors.

Revegetation Communities

Ravensworth Operations endeavour to re-establish a mixture between pasture grassland and Central Hunter Box Ironbark Woodland (CHBIW).

A key part of the rehabilitation program is reinstating the major riparian ecological communities of Hunter Floodplain River Red Gum Woodland, River Flat Eucalypt Forest and Central Hunter Swamp Oak Forest.