‚ÄčRavensworth Operations incorporates a number of procedures to control dust emissions, which may be generated from trafficable areas, coal preparation and handling, dragline operations, prestrip operations, blasting, drilling and stemming. Control procedures used at Ravensworth Operations include:

  • watering of active mining areas, active spoil emplacement areas and haul roads that are subject to frequent vehicle movements;
  • all drill rigs are equipped with dust control systems and are regularly maintained for effective use. These systems include dust curtains;
  • automatic sprays fitted to the dump hopper and crushing plant to minimise dust from coal processing activities;
  • minimising the area of disturbance by restricting vegetation clearing ahead of mining operations and rehabilitating mine spoil dumps as soon as practicable after mining;
  • undertaking temporary rehabilitation using pasture species on spoil dumps and voids to minimise dust emissions;
  • topsoil stripping is undertaken when there is sufficient moisture content in the soil;
  • restricting or ceasing dust-generating activities on extremely windy or dry days; and
  • restricting blasting activities to periods of acceptable meteorological conditions.

Air quality monitoring equipment includes:

  • Two Tapered Element Oscillating Microbalance (TEOM) Units
  • 8 depositional dust gauges;
  • Five High Volume Air Samplers (HVAS) (four TSP and one PM10);