‚ÄčOpen cut mining activities at Ravensworth Open Cut are carried out in accordance with Project Approval (PA) 09_0176. Ravensworth is seeking approval from the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure for a modification to PA 09_0176 under section 75W of Part 3A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, known as the Final Landform Modification. The Final Landform Modification involves:

  • Progressively developing two overburden emplacement areas (OEAs) to a maximum height greater that those approximated in the Ravensworth Environmental Assessment (EA) 2010;
  • The proposed changes to the OEA design would increase the maximum height of the northern emplacement area to approximately 230 m RL (increase of 30 m RL) and the eastern emplacement area to approximately 190 m RL (increase of 30 m
  • The Modification will  incorporate changes to  landscape design to shape the OEAs with additional undulation and diversify topography so that the final landform will more closely blend with the surrounding natural topography.
  • Production will remain within the approved maximum limit of 16 Mtpa of ROM coal for Ravensworth Operations;
  • Operations will be undertaken via truck and shovel or dragline mining techniques;
  • Workforce employee numbers will remain the same
  • Existing infrastructure and equipment from current operations will be utilised;
  • Transportation of domestic coal to neighbouring power stations via the existing conveyor system;
  • Transportation of product coal to the Port of Newcastle for export via the Main Northern Railway.

For further information on the Final Landform Modification please contact Ravensworth Open Cut on 1800 620 553.