‚ÄčThe Ravensworth Complex (comprising of Ravensworth Surface Operations and Ravensworth Underground Mine) maintains a close partnership with the local community. The Ravensworth Complex Community Consultative Committee (CCC) enhances this partnership by providing a biannual forum to:

  • establish good working relationships between the mines, the community and other stakeholders in relation to the mines;
  • review information on mining operations, the environmental performance of the mines and progress with any project approvals;
  • comment on the mines' environmental performance, discuss community concerns and to oversee the resolution of community complaints;
  • provide advice on how best to communicate relevant information on the mines and its environmental performance to the broader community; and
  • work together towards outcomes of benefit to the mines, immediate neighbours and the local and regional community.

The Ravensworth Complex CCC is always looking for new members. To enquire about the CCC or to apply to join the CCC please call our Environment and Community Inquires Hotline: +61 1800 620 553."