Ravensworth North is the active mine for Ravensworth Open Cut.  It is approved to open cut mine utilising truck and shovel operations. This mine targets the seams of Foybrook and Burnamwood Formations. The coal seams extend from the shallow Broonie seams through the Bayswater, Lemington, Pikes Gully, Arties, Liddell and Barrett Seams. Ravensworth North has an estimated mining life to 2034.

Mining Process

Areas planned for mining are surveyed and suitable topsoil is stripped and made available for rehabilitation purposes.

Overburden to the first seam and subsequently each section of inter-burden between the coal seams is drilled and blasted or ripped by bulldozer.  It is then loaded by shovel, excavator or loader into trucks which haul the material to emplacement areas at designated areas of the mine.

Each of the coal seams is cleaned and then loaded by excavator or front-end loader into trucks and transported to the run-of-mine facilities.  From here the coal is conveyed to Ravensworth Coal Handling Preparation Plant (RCHPP) for processing before export.  At times a small proportion of the coal is supplied to the AGL Macquarie power generation facilities.

The rehabilitation process includes the shaping of the overburden emplacement areas, ripping and rock raking, the placement or preparation of a sowing medium, installation of drainage structures, the application of seed varieties and the delineation of these areas to restrict access.