​Key dust management controls at RUM include:

  • The use of road base to create a hard non-friable surface;
  • Application of dust suppressant;
  • Enclosure of surface conveyors and surface drive heads;
  • Use of watercarts on unsealed roads; and
  • Cessation of dust generating activities during high wind.

A chemical dust suppressant has been used around the RUM pit top since 2010. The dye used in the product is food grade dye which fades from the road when applied. The dye is used to delineate areas of application. The product is non toxic and non hazardous.

RUM operates a network of air quality monitors to determine compliance with the EPL and development consent conditions. The network comprises:

  • Six dust depositional gauges;
  • Two high volume air samplers monitoring Total Suspended Particulate matter (TSP); and
  • One high volume air sampler monitoring 24–hour average concentrations of particulate matter with diameters of less than 10 µm.