​A key focus for Glencore Coal has always been ensuring the safety of the workforce. SafeCoal's goal is for the production of coal with the certainty that there will be no fatalities or injuries to people working in or around our operations.

SafeCoal is achieved when everybody at every level in our business fully applies themselves to the goal. To enable and empower people to do this we need to ensure that they are well led and that they have the best possible systems, tools, knowledge (procedures) and skills. RUM is committed to rolling-out SafeCoal programs and we look forward to the positive changes it will bring.

The SafeCoal Approach

​We never compromise our position on safety
​We don't take short cuts
​We are constantly aware of the fatal hazards in our work area
​We provide the right safety skills and training
​We look out for each other
​We intervene when someone is at risk
​We take personal responsibility to identify and control hazards
​We provide safety leadership