Subsidence management plans

Approval of Longwalls 8 & 9 Subsidence Management Plan Condition 14 Variation0.1 MB
Environment Management Plan APproval - Longwalls 8 & 90.1 MB
Public Safety Management Plan Approval - Longwalls 8 & 90.3 MB
Subsidence Management Plan Approval - LW 10-150.5 MB
Subsidence Management Plan Approval0.5 MB
RUM Longwalls 1-9 Subsidence Management Plan Variation2.8 MB
RUM LW 10-15 - 1st Workings Approval0.1 MB
Subsidence Management Plan Variation LW7 (zip)10.1 MB
Subsidence Management Plan - LW 1-92.1 MB

 Subsidence monitoring programme

Longwall Map0.6 MB
Proposed Subsidence Monitoring Programme for Longwall Panels 8 and 9 - Ravensworth Underground Mine0.8 MB
Ravensworth Underground Mine Longwall Panels 8 and 9 - Subsidence Monitoring Proogramme0.7 MB

 Pikes Gully Longwalls 8 & 9 Approvals

Pikes Gully Longwalls 8 & 9 Sudsidence Management Plan - Condition 191.7 MB
Longwalls 8 & 9 Condition 13 - Environmental Management Plan0.2 MB
Ravensworth LWs 8 & 9 SMP interim EMP Approval (DES)0.1 MB
Approval of Public Safety Management Plan0.3 MB
Ravensworth Underground Mine Subsidence Management Plan u Longwalls 80.2 MB
Public Safety Management Plan as submitted with RUM2.0 MB
RUM LWs 8 & 9 SMP monitoring approval0.7 MB
Water Management Plan Final V13.4 MB
Biodiversity Rehabilitation and Land Management Plan0.6 MB
Longwalls 8 & 9 Subsidence Monitoring Proposal0.8 MB

 Upper Liddell Seam Longwalls 1-7

25/09/2013Subsidence Management Plan: Macquarie Generation Owned Land and Infrastructure8.9 MB
25/09/2013Subsidence Management Plan: Ashton Coal Operations Ltd Owned Infrastructure8.9 MB
25/09/2013Management Plan: Public Safety Management Plan4.1 MB
25/09/2013Subsidence Management Plan: Upper Liddell Seam Longwalls 1-7 Volume 2 Management Plans12.0 MB
25/09/2013Subsidence Management Plan: Upper Liddell Seam Longwalls 1-7 Volume 1 Written Report12.1 MB
12/09/2013Management Plan: Water Management Plan2.9 MB
12/09/2013Upper Liddell Seam Longwalls 1-7 Map Plans6.4 MB
12/09/2013Management Plan: Cultural Heritage Management Plan1.1 MB
12/09/2013Management Plan: Biodiversity and Land Management Plan1.2 MB
12/09/2013Appendix 6: Correspondence0.2 MB
12/09/2013Appendix 4: Groundwater Assessment11.2 MB
12/09/2013Appendix 5: Cultural Heritage Assessment4.4 MB
12/09/2013Appendix 2: Subsidence Assessment3.6 MB
12/09/2013Appendix 3: Geotechnical Assessment14.3 MB
12/09/2013Appendix 1: Risk Assessment5.2 MB