​Raw coal is delivered to the surface by conveyor via the main drift. The conveyor system consists of a series of conveyors from the top of the drift to the pit bottom, with a rate of about 1,200 tonnes per hour. Coal stockpiled on the Run of Mine (ROM) pad is reclaimed by being pushed into the reclaim feeders by a dozer.

Three reclaim feeders are located in the reclaim tunnel and are of the vibrating pan type capable of discharging at a rate of around 2,000 tonnes per hour. Raw coal can either be conveyed directly to the RCHPP for washing, via a ROM surge bin, or to the RCT coal storage bins. From the RCT coal storage bins, the coal can be directed to the rail load‐out bin for loading onto trains.

RUM produced approximately 2,285,976 tonnes of ROM coal during 2012, with total product coal produced being 1,469,851 tonnes.

The RUM development consent (DA104/96) allows the mine to produce 7 million tonnes of ROM coal per annum.