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Ravensworth Open Cut mine is located in the NSW Hunter Valley, between the towns of Muswellbrook and Singleton. It incorporates the open cut mine and the Coal Handling and Preparation Plant. The mine is a Joint Venture between Itochu 10% and Glencore 90%. The CHPP assets are owned by the JVs and operated by Glencore.

Mining has been occurring at Ravensworth since the early 1970s. The Open cut operation has transitioned from a domestic operation (Narama and Ravensworth West) to more recently a large export-producing site, with the approval of mining in the Ravensworth North area in 2012.


Ravensworth Complex Fact Sheet

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Message from our Operations Manager

Firstly, to all our employees and stakeholders, I am honoured to be given the opportunity to lead Ravensworth Open Cut.

Ravensworth Open Cut is committed to the goal of sustainable development. We balance social, environmental and economic considerations in how we manage our business.

We believe that operating to leading standards of health, safety and environmental management, contributing to the development of sustainable communities, and engaging with our stakeholders in two-way open dialogue, enhances our corporate reputation and is a source of competitive advantage. This enables us to gain access to new resources, maintain a licence to operate, attract and retain the best people, access diverse and low-cost sources of capital, identify and act upon business opportunities, and optimise our management of risks.

A key focus for Glencore has always been ensuring the safety of the workforce. We continue to investigate and implement new safety systems and controls to minimise the risk to employees. SafeCoal's goal is for the production of coal with the certainty that there will be no fatalities or injuries to people working in or around our operations. SafeCoal is achieved when everybody at every level in our business fully applies themselves to the goal. To enable and empower people to do this we need to ensure that they are well led and that they have the best possible systems, tools, knowledge (procedures) and skills. Ravensworth Open Cut is committed to rolling-out SafeCoal programs and we look forward to the positive changes it will bring.

Environment/Community Inquiries Hot Line

+61 1800 620 553

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Nominations are now open for appointment of Community Members to the Ravensworth Operations Community Consultative Committee (CCC).To nominate for a position on the CCC please fill out the Nomination form below. Applications must be addressed to Ravensworth Community Consultative Committee Independent Chairperson, Ravensworth Operations, PO Box 294, Muswellbrook NSW 2333 if by mail, or by email to w.paradice@icloud.com

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